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Coffee is becoming more popular these days. Some people just want some style even with their coffee. For some, coffee drinking is some sort of a ritual; they choose to do it with blended fashion (please, pardon the pun!). Homemade coffee is also becoming the “in” thing nowadays. For your guidance, we will tackle here the best milk frother currently available in the online market.

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What is a milk frother?

You might ask: What really is a milk frother? How did it become one of the best tools most people used to make good coffee (and other beverages, perhaps)? This device works this way: it aerates the milk in the coffee by rapidly agitating it and introduces as much air as possible making the milk to form foam bubbles on the top which in turn creates a light or thick texture (it all depends on the kind of frother used). This process consequently increases the volume of the coffee mixed with milk or creamer and experts believed that this alters the taste of the coffee to a more heavenly aroma.

The resulting foamy mixture enables changes in its taste and aroma by cutting through the coffee’s dense, sharp flavor of primarily strong coffee commonly associated with cappuccinos and other drinks similar to this. The milk frother, by the way, could also be used for any milk-based beverage where you want to froth milk.

Milk frother could really enhance the flavor; aroma and taste of almost all kinds of coffee due to its capability of enhancing the strong aftertaste those coffee lovers are dying for. The tool mostly comes in handy, small and easy to use gadget. Due to its small size, milk frothers could easily be stored anywhere in the kitchen. Some are electrically and some are manually operated.

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Top 10 Best Milk Frother Comparisons

The year 2016 brought so many advance consumer products into the online market. And milk frother is just one of them; they come now as highly reinvented and innovated equipment to satisfy the ever-growing desire of consumers for reliable and durable products. Buyers may use this reviews to guide them in buying their favorite tool in giving them luxurious and flavor enhancing device to make their coffee, chocolate and any other nutritious drinks and beverages much to their liking. For our reviews and advice, we concentrate on the electric milk frothers as these are the most sought-after devices.

We have listed and reviewed some of the leading brands of this kind of product to inform readers and buyers before they make the purchase so that they could be well-informed and save them substantial amount of their hard-earned money. This review is courtesy of the men and women who dedicated their time surveying and exploring online to give you the much-needed advice. The enumerated products are selected randomly and not necessarily in this order, you could decide for yourself.

#1 Breville Milk Café Milk Frother

Breville Milk Café Milk Frother width=
Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

This frother is by far the best one available in the market. It outstands its competitors with some amazing features that is not available elsewhere.

With this frother, you can adjust the temperature of the milk as well as make instant hot drinks by adding ingredients to the frother itself. Apart from these features, it offers also those basic features that are enlisted by any other electric frothers like hot or cold froth at the push of a button, onboard disc storage, separate frothing discs, using induction heat and being dishwasher safe.

It is the bestelectric frother for latte as no other frother can provide a choice of optimal temperature for your drinks. It can be used with any type of milk like soy, rice or almond.

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#2 Epica Automatic Electric Milk Frother And Heater Carafe

Epica Automatic Electric Milk Frother width=
Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

This Epica automatic electric milk frother is probably one of those brands that consumers seek because of its “sexiness”! The contour of this magnificent and inexpensive milk frother mimics the shape of a slender pitcher.

The sleek cylinder enables foaming to last long while you wait for a sip. Pouring its content in a cup does not diminish the fluffy foam. You might want to check its added elegant features and specifications.

The carafe type of milk frother is so easy to use and safer. The cord will not interfere while you pour its contents. By simply lifting the pitcher-like frother from the base, it could be easily poured to a cup safely without the cord being tangled. Unlike other brands, this frother is much easier to store because of the detachable feature. This could also handle 125 ml of milk for frothing and 250 ml for heating. Frothing just takes seconds to create (60 seconds). Although the Epica is not automatic, settings could be done easily.

Additionally, while other frothers offer only hot foaming, the Epica offers multiple options such as hot, cold and warm states much longer, which is why it is perfect for topping-off iced coffee and cocktails, if you want variation from other regular beverages. Your children (9 years old and above) could easily operate this frother, just guide them religiously, as this product is so light at only 2lbs.

Priced lower than its competitors, this one is a true bargain. The safety features of this frother make it really one of the best milk frother for budget-conscious moms. This also operates quietly and moms with nourishing babies would not be awakened by noisy frothers from other manufacturers. So, if you want safe, silent and durable milk frother, this could be a perfect appliance for your kitchen.

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#3 HIC Stainless Steel Milk Frother

HIC Stainless Steel Milk Frother width=
Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

HIC has introduced this stainless steel milk frother as a real competitor for the highly priced electric frothers at a comparatively lower price.

The quality of froth produced is what is desirable for a perfect cup of Cappuccino or Latte and the amount of time and energy required is way too less than any of those electrically operated gadgets. This frother can be directly placed on a stove to heat the milk in case you need it warm or hot.

With a 14 ounce capacity, the HIC frother offers enough volume for a cup of Cappuccino and the amount of froth produced is thrice the amount of milk used for the purpose. So, to enjoy your favourite milk based drink with a great quality of frothy topping on it, you only need to pour some milk into it and pump it for about 12 times to get the perfect thickness of the froth. Pumping it more can cause the froth to thicken up frother.

Cleaning is never an issue for any of the hand pump based milk frothers. They can be cleaned easily in a dishwasher or can be hand washed also because of their simple design. All that you need to do is pour some clean water and pump it for a few times and it will be all shiny again.

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#4 Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Warmer

Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother width=
Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

This Secura made the product has the material for its exterior high tensile stainless steel, with vacuum insulation on the inside to keep the beverage warm in the longest possible time (just like a thermos).

The Secura milk frother and warmer could be one of the best milk frother available online. The unit is fully-automatic, where you could truly depend on the exact time frothing is realized without the hassle of overflowing.

This unit has two separate discs for preparing froth or steamed milk and the mug could be detached from the base for easy pouring. You don’t have to constantly monitor the operation; the indicator LED pilot lights will tell you when frothing are done. It takes just a minute to froth the milk or creamer.

The Securra milk frother is also slim and sleek and priced just right to your budget. Some users find its sleekness contributes much to thicker and bubbly foam froth, and consumers just love that texture! The total capacity of 750 ml of fluid ( hot and cold mix for cappuccinos, hot milk for lattes) that it could contain just gives ease of comfort for users as they will not be repeating another round of frothing, enough to satisfy 5 persons in a single mix.

The operation is quiet and smooth, no annoying sound could be heard while frothing. The hot and cold selectors are so easy to use, only by the touch of a button. The bottom of the container has built-in whisks and propeller that make frothing and foaming quick and easy. However, this frother is not dishwasher safe, cleaning must be manually done. But despite this handicap, buyers could not be shortchanged when they decide to purchase this cleverly designed frother when they consider its versatility.

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#5 Nespresso Aerocinno Plus Milk Frother

Nespresso Aerocinno Plus Milk Frother width=
Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

This milk frother comes in a mug style container, with a maximum capacity of 130 ml milk froth preparation and 250 ml hot milk preparation.

The Nespresso Aerocinno Plus milk frother is one product you could consider buying. We show you some of its strong features that could get your attention:

This frother could definitely handle hot and cold beverages like no other and in only 70 seconds, and it has a capacity of 130 ml for milk froth and 250 ml for hot milk preparations. The product is made from stainless steel and has minimum and maximum level indicators. This unit though, has no LED indicator and operates silently but quite heavy at 4 lbs. The unit also has to be checked regularly while in operation as the absence of indicator and auto feature makes constant checking a must.

The Aerocinno Plus is suitable for persons who are home-based, have all the time to make preparations for frothing for their family. This Aerocinno product is known online as the much better version of the old Aerocinno milk frother (the one without the “Plus”), so buyers could be assured of improved capability and reliability of this wonderful gadget. True to its name, the “Plus” feature does not only include a quick serving of hot froth in seconds, but also the latest technology in frothing.

Buyers may really find an absolute satisfaction utilizing this product especially with its ability to enhance not only the taste and aroma of coffee but also keeping it hot through frothing and foaming.

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#6 Chefs Premier Automatic Milk Frother

Chefs Premier Automatic Milk Frother width=
Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

The frother come equipped with two small whisks for frothing and heating milk. It can froth both cold and hot milk for cappuccinos and other drinks. It does not work well with cream.

It is made of high quality stainless housing and has a conveniently detachable base which makes it easy to clean. It needs to be hand cleaned and hand dried which makes it difficult to clean and sometime feels like a pain to clean it.It cannot be immersed in water.

The frothing capacity for this machine is 125 ml and it can heat 250 ml of milk at 150 Fahrenheit. It is quick enough to froth 125ml of milk in 80 seconds. It offers one of the simplest and cost effective frothing solutions and the design is quite adorable.

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#7 Nespresso Aeroccino 3 Milk Frother

Nespresso Aeroccino 3 Milk Frother width=
Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Aeroccino 3 from Nespresso has received mixed reactions from users. While some appreciate it for the quality of the froth, some complain of its short life and durability.

Aeroccino 3 comes with a stainless steel pitcher and black (variable) plastic construction which can prepare both cold and hot froth with the push of a button.

It comes with two whisks for different foam density. It can heat milk up to 160-170 Fahrenheit and the heat sensors are good enough to provide automatic shutdown feature.

To sum up, this machine can be used for frothing 1-2 times a day but it has been observed that this machine has a shorter life if it is used for 5-6 times a day.

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#8 Secura Magnetic Motor Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Warmer

Secura Magnetic Motor Automatic Electric Milk Frother width=
Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

The Secura Electric Milk Frother sleek but high-tensile stainless steel housing and its vacuum is insulated on the inner side to preserve your desired temperature.

It has a rich seam of features making it one of the finest units in the market today. It has fully-automatic operations for minimal guesswork and messes such as overflowing. A high-performance motor and magnetic foaming and heating whisk.

With it, you can prepare froth up to 125ml or heat 250 ml of milk. It allows you to heat or froth milk topping wonderful for cappuccinos, hot milk lattes, coffee and hot chocolate. You can use non-fat or lactose-rich milk as it gives consistency in foam thickness. Cleanup is straightforward after use. It offers a storage chamber for the extra magnetic whisk. Once you key in the button, you don’t have to be on the lookout for the LED indicators fade when the process is complete.

You can froth milk in less than a minute. The operation is ultra-silent and smooth, no nuisance sounds or purrs. It is not dishwasher safe and must be hand cleaned. The versatile milk frother comes at a pocket-friendly price tag.

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#9 Domestic Corner - Vienne Automatic Milk Frother and Heater

Domestic Corner - Vienne Automatic Milk Frother width=
Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

This frother allows you to top off drinks by adding cream. It generates rich foam which is ideal for iced beverages, it can also be used to heat. It is a perfect tool with handy features which can help to froth both lactose-free and fat-rich milk.

There are three settings: frothing cold milk, hot milk and heating drinks. Its sleek stainless steel housing and a comfortable handle to blend with your kitchen décor.

You can detach the pitcher from the bottom to funnel or pour and makes it easier to move to the serving table.
The unit has essential features common in electric milk frothers. For instance, it is ensconced with two wand attachments, the lid is translucent, and heats and froths in less than a minute. Ensure you do not exceed the maximum line. Operating is effortless; it works with a single button. Cleaning is bliss, and it is ultra-durable.

In a nutshell, this Vienne Automatic Milk Frother and Heater creates succulent cappuccinos and lattes, heating coffee and milk. What’s more, you can use diverse kinds of milk such as almond, coconut, non-lactose or rice.

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#10 Lifstyl Premier Deluxe Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Heater Carafe

Lifstyl Premier Deluxe Automatic Electric Milk Frother width=
Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

The Lifstyl Premium Automatic Milk Frother can prepare your favorite beverages after forming froth or heating milk. It boasts a heavy-duty motor that generates luxuriously robust, cream-rich and long-lasting foam with whole milk.

It can equally spawn froth from low fat or non-lactose pints of milk like soy, coconut, and almond milk. You can opt to heat milk only. Aptly designed for cappuccinos, premium lattes, hot chocolate, and coffee, it converts your kitchen to a coffee bar.

You can create foam in less than a minute. There is an auto shut-off while you can stop the process as it froths. The Lifstyl frother offers an intuitive button to control heating and frothing. The unit’s detachable base gives a convenient means to move it freely devoid of cords.

The frother has a non-stick interior lining and retractile whisk for effortless cleaning. You can heat milk to serve your favorite coffee, tea latte, hot chocolate. Its froth’s succulence is suitable for different beverages. You can get hot or cold thick foam with this unit at the click of a button. At its price, it is a Holy Grail for coffee and latte enthusiasts.

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How to choose the best milk frother?

Finding the best milk frother is quite easy for interested buyers. One could be deceived by the low price and yet would find the product exceeding their expectations. Some would choose the high-price brand but later would be disappointed by its performance. Since online consumer products do not have trials on their vocabulary, but could be replaced by buyers within a specified period, a good buy on the first attempt though, is much better.

We have listed some tips for our dear buyers to use as guide and reference in acquiring this flavor enhancing gadget, highly-appreciated by coffee lovers. The data provided by website bloggers, article writers and product reviews across the globe are our primary sources of information that we have gathered. This would entail a good judgment for our readers to minimize their mistakes in procuring the right stuff for their needs:

  • Settle for quality. Price is secondary.
  • Consider the cleaning method of the offered unit. It must be easy to clean so as not to contaminate with bacteria during storage.
  • You may opt for only one temperature setting or all of them (cold, hot, warm).
  • Assess first on how many users you expect will use the frother in a single day. If you are a large-member family, you may opt for large capacity milk frother and vice-versa.
  • For commercial uses such as coffee shops, you would probably need the bigger capacity and faster frother.
  • If you just want ordinary milk frothing (or you are not meticulous enough) on any beverage, you may settle for the lowest price.
  • If you want the guarantee that your unit will last a long time, pick the most durable and non-corrosive one. In this case, stainless steel or aluminum is the best choice. Some products, as we have mentioned, are made from glass and plastic.
  • If you are frequently out of town and you want your coffee to be self-made, you may choose the most portable one.
  • For security reasons, you might choose the one with the automatic feature. This feature enables the unit to shut-down automatically when it reached the desired temperature. Smartly preferred by absent-minded individuals.

Any way you look at it, you are still the one who could deliver the goods. If ever you have doubts on any advice or reviews, there is only one option left, use your instinct! Good luck.

Most popular types of milk frothers

ElectricMotorized WhisksHand Pumps

What could then be the best milk frother for you?

An electric milk frother is the best alternative for any type of froth you could possibly want. An electric milk frother mimics the work done by a hand pump and a motorized whisk all in one, plus it is capable of producing steam to heat the milk that results to quicker and thicker froth which usually enhance the delicious flavor of beverages. It is also considered the safest and most accurate of its type.

Final Thoughts

We finally come to the best part of this review and buying guide. Summing up what we have discussed, we could religiously assess our priorities and choices by reading (through reviews and articles online) the testimonies of other users who successfully (or unsuccessfully, as the case may be) utilized one of the greatest inventions of man, the milk frother.

Price is not the sole reason to be considered when buying this Engineering wonder. Necessities simply outnumbered the consideration against price. “Fear not of what you have got, fear the one they got”. Just an old saying, this might help you choose the best milk frother for you!