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In a hurry? See Top 10 Best Milk Frothers Now! 
One of the best cups of coffee you can drink is one with a creamy white froth from one of the best milk frothers on the market. Save time and money by having your very own best milk frother that makes delicious milk froth right in your home. The milk frother spins air into a smooth cup of milk and creates a whipped cream like froth for the top of your coffee.

Don’t wait for the café to create a delicious latte in your kitchen. Milk froth is less fattening than whip cream yet just as tasty. Frothing at home lets you choose the kind of milk, and you can make sure it is fresh. There are many kinds of milk frothers to choose from. You want to consider all the features of the different milk frothers and buy the best one that suits your needs.

Most popular types of milk frothers

  • Electric Milk Frothers

  • The electric milk frother is the most popular milk frother right now. Electric Milk frothers are another easy answer to milk frothing. They eliminate having to have an extra cup for the milk. You just simply plug the machine in the wall, and pour cold milk into the frother which looks like a small tea kettle. You push the button on the froth.

    Less work

    The machine does all the work and then you scoop out the delicious frothed milk and add it to your favorite coffee. The whole process takes one to two minutes depending on the machine. You will have yourself café quality frothed milk in no time with an electric frother.

    Worth the money

    The electric frothers are the most expensive of all the frothers, but they do save you time and you get the best results. The electric frother is suitable for almost everyone. It is probably the most versatile frother, and saves a little bit of time compared to the other frothers.
  • Handheld Milk Frothers

  • Battery powered milk frothers may look small, but you will be very surprised at how well they work. Battery powered milk frothers actually work quite well. They are a very easy to clean up, store, and use.

    Easy to use

    All you do is place the milk frother in a hot cup of milk and turn the frother on. The spiral metal frother at the end of the handle and stem creates a nice froth that is acceptable for a delicious morning coffee. It may not get as stiff froth as other types of milk frothers, but the froth is acceptable.

    Easy to clean

    The nice thing is that most are easy to clean. Clean the spiral head right away with a rinse in a little soap and water and then let dry and that is it. You can wipe it off with a sponge if you want and then rinse. These frothers are small and take up very little storage space. These frothers are the cheapest out of all the frothers and work pretty well.

    Have two frothers

    A battery powered frother is great for those who are not overly picky about the stiffness of their milk froth. It is always good to have a battery operated one handy wherever you are. You can easily buy a battery operated frother and an electric frother and never be without frothed milk.
  • Handpump Milk Frothers

  • Manual Milk frothers are excellent for anywhere. They nice thing is they do not require you to plug them in. You just simply pour the milk into the pitcher and then pump anywhere from fifteen to twenty times. The pumping makes the frothing mechanism inside the machine froth up the milk.

    You control the temperature

    The manual milk frothers work great. You do have to heat the milk somewhere else with the manual frothers. You will either heat the milk on the stove or in the microwave. This milk frother requires extra effort from you to create the froth. You will be doing the pumping action.

    Great for everyone

    Manual frothing is great for single people. It is also would be great for campers or people with RV’s. Anywhere where electricity is precious or anywhere where there is no electricity, a manual frother would work well. You could put in almond milk or soy milk and have a special coffee wherever you are with a manual frother.
  • Steam Milk Frothers

  • Most espresso machines have a steam frother on the side of the espresso machine. It is usually a thin stainless steel bar that comes out like an arm. You turn a knob that lets out burning hot steam. You can control the steam with the knob. When you go to a café the froth of your coffee whether a cappuccino, latte, or just a stiff froth on top will come from a steam frother.

    The heat of the espresso machine

    The principle behind the steam frother is basically the coffee machine is already hot when you make the espresso or coffee. The machine will use part of the heated water you add to the water tank, mix it with air, and create the steam to froth the milk.

    How does it work?

    You will hold a stainless steel cup of measured cold milk under the frother, and the steam does the work to create a beautiful froth. You do not hold the arm all the way in the milk. You put the arm about 1/3 of the way into the milk. The milk will bubble up and your froth is created. It is delicious. Steam frothers are perfect for people who enjoy espresso.

    Everybody’s happy

    They are also great for people who have a coffee machine that has both a coffee maker and an espresso maker on it. This way if there are two different tastes in a household, everyone is made happy. Most espresso makers will have a steam milk frother on it.

Top 10 Best Milk Frother Reviews

The year 2017 brought so many advance consumer products into the online market. And milk frother is just one of them; they come now as highly reinvented and innovated equipment to satisfy the ever-growing desire of consumers for reliable and durable products.

Buyers may use these reviews to guide them in buying their favorite tool in giving them a luxurious and flavor enhancing device to make their coffee, chocolate and any other nutritious drinks and beverages much to their liking. For our reviews and advice, we concentrate on the electric milk frothers as these are the most sought-after devices.
We have listed and reviewed some of the leading brands of this kind of product to inform readers and buyers before they make the purchase so that they can be well-informed and save a substantial amount of their hard-earned money.

This review is courtesy of the men and women who dedicated their time surveying and exploring online to give you the much-needed advice. The enumerated products are selected randomly and not necessarily in this order, you can decide for yourself.

To help you have more confidence when choosing the best suitable milk frother, here is the comparison table you must read first: Top 10 Rated Milk Frother Comparisons .

1. Epica Automatic Heater and Milk Frother

Epica Automatic Heater and Milk Frother width=
Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

More reasonably priced is the Epic Milk Frother, coming in just under $50.00. This milk frother does good job. This particular frother is perfect for one person and two at the most. The frother can froth only one cup of a milk at a time. This machine is able to froth milk within a couple of minutes. This is not a problem, because it ensures freshness every time.

Hot or cold froth

A nice feature with this frother is you can have frothed milk either hot or cold, depending on your taste. 1/3 to 1/2 of a cup of milk poured into the machine is ideal for making the froth. The temperature of the milk does not go over 140 degrees in the machine. If you like burning hot milk then this may not be the machine for you.

Companies do not want to burn their customers so people who like piping hot milk may have to heat their milk at home and use a manual milk frother. A cool froth of milk is ideal for this machine. Cool milk during the summer can make a drudgery day, fabulous.


Another nice feature of this Epica frother is that the company stands behind their product and offers a two year warranty. If you should have trouble with this unit the company will help you out with your appliance to solve the problem. [Read more…]

👍 Two year warranty
👍 Stainless steel
👍 Easy rinse cleaning with a detachable carafe
📌 Not as snazzy looking as others
📌 A littel bit higher price
📌 Froths only one cup of milk at a time
Check Best Prices at Amazon
PICK ME because I help to save a little money and I do a fine job of providing an electric milk frother. With a two year warranty which is nice if anything should go wrong. I am a great frother for a single cup of coffee.

2. Breville Café Milk Frother

Breville Café Milk Frother width=
Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

This Shiny Chrome Breville Milk Frother looks good and makes good froth yet has a few things to keep in mind. The frother has a nice temperature control to ensure a warm delicious froth. This temperature control is controlled by a nice looking dial in the front of the machine. The machine only takes about three to four minutes to make delicious frothed milk.

Works with different kinds of milk

Many people enjoy that this machine it makes great hot chocolate and there does not seem to make too much of a difference in what type of milk you put in the machine. The machine can hold up to three cups of milk. This makes this milk frother good for when you have company.

Price factor

The price is a little on higher side, but it will well pay for itself after all the money you save by not buying the fancy drinks at the café. The combination old school look with chrome material makes it perfect to fit in any kitchen. This machine really allows you the ultimate control over temperature and time.

Low noise

The noise level is very low and does not interrupt a conversation. This product is perfect for the working couple who rush around in the morning getting ready for work yet love to start their day with a tasty cup of coffee. There is a one year warranty on the product. The company will work with you to make sure you are happy with the product. [Read more…]

👍 Looks good
👍 Froths all kinds of milk
👍 Temperature control dial
👍 Holds three cups of milk
📌 A little more expensive than others
📌 Only a one year warranty
Check Best Prices at Amazon
PICK ME because I’m both a great looking chrome milk frother and working really well. My froth mechanism is strong and can make a great froth from many different types of milks.

3. HIC Stainless Steel No Electricity Milk Frother

HIC Stainless Steel No Electricity Milk Frother width=
Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

This fashionably designed stainless steel milk frother not only looks good but is very low cost. For under twenty dollars, you can have a tasty milk froth on top of your coffee right in the comfort of your home, no electricity needed. With just under twenty seconds of hand pumping and strong designed frothing technology, you will have a fabulous froth for the top of your favorite cup of coffee. This milk frother is a fan favorite for ease of use and ability to take it anywhere.

Works with coconut and soy milk

There is low to no noise level with this machine. It is easy to clean. All you have to do is put the parts on the top rack of your dishwasher and the unit is clean. Stainless steel makes it durable, easy to clean, and helps the product last for a long time. You can add many different kinds of milk to this great looking frother coconut, cashew, soy, regular milk, and more actually work in this manual milk frother.

For those who love hot milk

This frother is ideal for those who want create really hot milk on the stove or in the microwave and then pour it in the frother. People who do not like nonstick products would really love this product as well. It is made of stainless steel inside and out. [Read more…]

👍 Dishwasher safe
👍 All Stainless Steel
👍 No Non Stick material
👍 Inexpensive
👍 Makes creamy froth without power
📌 You have to put effort into frothing the milk
📌 If you want hot milk you have to heat it first from another heat source
Check Best Prices at Amazon
PICK ME because I help you stay on a budget, I will do the job for you. I have most of all the features that the more expensive frothers have without having to spend the money.

4. Secura Electric Milk Frother

Secura Electric Milk Frother width=
Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

This detachable based milk frother is a moderately priced electric frother with many different features. This particular frother comes in several different sizes 250ml, 300ml, and 500ml. There is one small secret to cleaning this product and that is the milk that tends to burn on the bottom. The milk just needs to be wiped out with a little water and a paper towel. Cleaning is always a task with any appliance. You cannot submerge this machine in water.

Makes great lattes

You have the ability to make both hot and cold milk froths and warm milks for lattes and cappuccinos. There is a button that allows for this temperature difference. The stainless steel of the exterior vacuum insulted canister is quality and very durable. This machine has been hailed for its ability to froth all different types of milk almond, soy, and more yet it is warned not to overuse this machine. Secura Frother froths half and half as well.

Recommended for light use

One coffee in the morning and one at night or midafternoon is ideal for this machine. Secura is proud of their product and offers a two year warranty with the purchase of all the different size frothers. [Read more…]

👍 Great design
👍 Bright On/Off indicator buttons
👍 Makes both hot and cold froth milks
👍 Free Cleaning Brush

📌 Does not make a lot of froth at one time
📌 Is not dishwasher safe
📌 Can only hold a small amount of milk

Check Best Prices at Amazon
PICK ME because I’m a great looking frother makes a great hot or cold froth. There is a nice brush included to help keep the frother clean.

5. Nespresso Aeroccino Electric Milk Frother

Nespresso Aeroccino Electric Milk Frother width=
Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

This modern style milk frother will froth cold milk in about seventy seconds. It has a beautiful chrome outside and state of the art design. Reviewers have noticed that this appliance works really well with as little as 1/3 a cup of milk to make a nice neat milk froth. There are maximum and minimum indicators that come in handy when pouring the milk for frothing.

Rinse out to clean

This appliance has manageable clean up but you cannot put this in the dishwasher. It is suggested that you wipe the milk out immediately after every use and run some warm water and rinse out after every use. There is no warranty that comes with the product but you can buy a two to three year warranty. This would be good for light use. The frother makes both hot and cold milk froth. [Read more…]

👍 Respected brand
👍 Easy On/Off button
👍 Modern design

📌 Not dishwasher safe
📌 Only makes enough froth for one coffee at a time
📌 Have to buy the warranty

Check Best Prices at Amazon
PICK ME because I’m from a famous brand – Nespresso – is a great coffee machine manufacturer so I am sure a great frother. I make a nice froth and the machine looks good sitting on the counter.

6. Chef Star Premium Automatic Milk Frother

Chef Star Premium Automatic Milk Frother width=
Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

In a little over a minute this fashionably styled chrome milk frother will make you delicious frothed milk in a little over a minute. Competitively priced at just under fifty dollars this frother has three setting hot milk, hot froth, and cold froth. The appliance holds about a cup of milk. When you want to froth milk you will only put ½ a cup of milk because of the ½ cup takes up one cup of space once the milk is frothed.

Not for heating water

Just to be clear, this machines are for warming and frothing milk, not water. They are designed for milk only. The Chef Star frother is perfect for a single person who loves their frothy milk anytime of the day. This particular machine you have to wash by hand. The best way to clean these machines is with a rinse with warm water and then wipe out remaining milk residue.

At the touch of a button you are set for a nice froth for your coffee. This machine is reviewed as doing the job for simple milk frothing and heating, but it does not work quite as well as other machines in this line-up. This is for light use milk frothing.

👍 Froths milk quickly
👍 Sleek design
👍 Heats the milk
👍 Competitively priced

📌 Not quite so good on multiple frothing
📌 For single use a day for best results
📌 Not dishwasher safe

Check Best Prices at Amazon
PICK ME because I’m making a good hot froth for you to enjoy on your coffee. I also have a nice stainless steel look that has a competitive look. For the money, I am a very decent choice for a milk frother. I work great with whole milk.

7. Nespresso Aeroccino Retro Style Frother

Nespresso Aeroccino Retro Style Frother width=
Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

This cool looking Retro style milk frother will not only look awesome in your kitchen but it makes a modern delicious milk froth topping for your favorite coffee. If latte or cappuccino is your favorite this appliance has you covered. With the possibility for making both hot and cold froth, this Nespresso machine will be your early morning best friend.

Bright Red Color

A nice feature for this machine is the automatic shut-off. You can press the button and only go back to the machine to clean it. Nespresso a well-respected name in coffee backs this particular appliance with a one year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

One of the greatest features of this machine is how cool it looks. The bright red color and the ribbed design fits great in Mid Century Modern style or any modern style kitchen. This product is highly recommended as one customer has used it well over a thousand times and it is still working well.

👍 Mid Century Modern design
👍 Makes extremely hot frothed milk
👍 Auto shutoff

📌 High price
📌 Not dishwasher safe

Check Best Prices at Amazon
PICK ME because with all the modern kitchens out there, you want a frother that blends perfectly with your décor, my style will fit right into your modern kitchen. I do not only look good, but I make a nice froth for your coffee as well.

8. Philippe Taglioni Electric Frother Jug

Philippe Taglioni Electric Frother Jug width=
Our Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

A nice addition to your kitchen appliances is this Philippe Taglioni Milk Frother which serves up a nice froth of milk to save you money and time. This frother has stainless steel outside and a nonstick interior as a modern convenience. Some of the delicious drinks that can be made with this frother are hot chocolates, cappuccinos, and lattes. Of course, it makes a nice milk froth as well. In a minute and a half you will have the froth of your choice ready with this appliance.

Use ½ cup of milk or less

This frother not only works with non-fat milk and fat milk, but soy milk and almond milk work just as well in here. You can make a cup of hot milk for lattes. It is important to note, when you are making the milk froth then you only add ½ cup of milk so the machine has enough room to create the froth. The milk always doubles in size when making froth. This frother has a push button to turn the machine on.

Manufacturer’s warranty

Cleaning of this froth is the same as most electric frothers, you will detach it from its base and run warm water inside the frother. You can pour the water out and then you will need to clean out milk residue with a paper towel. The Philippe Taglioni Company believes in their great frother and provides 100% satisfaction or your money back. There is also a two year manufacturer’s warranty on this product.

👍 Reasonably priced
👍 Froths milk in seconds
👍 Money back guarantee

📌 It is only stainless steel on the outside
📌 Not dishwasher safe

Check Best Prices at Amazon
PICK ME because if you do not want to spend quite as much on a frother I’m an excellent choice. I will make nice froth in seconds from whole milk and other milks as well.

9. Deluxe Kuissential Automatic Milk Frother

Deluxe Kuissential Automatic Milk Frother width=
Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Priced a little higher than most average frothers, this milk frother will make you a nice cup of hot milk and/or frothy milk. At around sixty dollars this is a nice choice for a modern kitchen with many satisfied coffee drinkers. This frother is good for froth for two cups of coffee at a time. This machine works well with almond milk, half and half, organic milk works really well and more.

Detachable Base

There is a detachable base which allows you to be able to clean easier yet you cannot submerge this frother in water or put it in the dishwasher. As with most electric frothers, in order to clean the inside you rinse with a little warm water and then wipe the milk residue out.

Cleaning should be done after every usage. This machine has the nice shiny stainless steel exterior that most frothers have and then a nonstick inside. There is also a bright blue easy to use push button to turn the machine on. This appliance is a one touch machine.

One Touch Machine

With one touch it does everything you need to do for frothing and heating milk. Kuissential stands by their products and provides a two year warranty on this particular frother. The capacity is for a ½ cup of milk to make the froth for one delicious cup of coffee. You can make an eight ounce cup of hot milk. The frother is able to make either hot milk or hot froth within one minute.

This is a decent choice when it comes to frothers. The price is 60.00 dollars for about the same functions you can buy for between forty and fifty dollars.

👍 Reasonably priced
👍 Makes both hot and cold froth
👍 Makes froth quickly

📌 Not so well brand name
📌 Not dishwasher save

Check Best Prices at Amazon
PICK ME because I am a good looking stainless steel frother and I will create perfect hot or cold milk froth for your drink.

10. MatchaDNA Handheld Battery Operated Frother

MatchaDNA Handheld Battery Operated Frother width=
Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

With all these great looking frothers, with all their features it may seem funny to include this low priced battery operated frother, but this frother actually works well. It can make milk froth and an excellent latte or cappuccino. To have the milk hot, you will just have to heat the milk on medium on the stove or heat it up in the microwave. For those people who want burning hot milk, this milk frother is for you.

Low Noise Frother

This frother will not make the stiffest nor the creamiest froth you have ever had, but it will make a good enough froth to satisfy you. These frothers will not last as long as the other frothers, but there is a 60 day guarantee. The part that froths the milk is made out of quality and durable stainless steel. You will have to rinse this frother every time you use it. The frother does not go in the dishwasher. This frother makes froth in less than five minutes. This frother makes barely any noise at all.

Money back Guarantee

At seven dollars and two AA batteries you can have a milk frother anywhere, anytime with the MatchaDNA Milk Frother. Something to keep in mind with this frother is that you will have to find your own container to store this frother. You can put it in a tall jar. Handle side down is the best option.

Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed with this milk frother it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. You will be pleasantly surprised with this battery operated milk frother t how well it works to create the froth for your favorite coffees.

👍 Very inexpensive
👍 Does the job of frothing milk
👍 Take it anywhere with you
👍 Battery operated
👍 Easy rinse off cleaning after use
👍 Lightweight

📌 Not as stiff of froth as the more expensive frothers
📌 You have to warm your own milk
📌 Not dishwasher safe

Check Best Prices at Amazon
PICK ME because I’m an inexpensive frother which is able to produce a nice froth that will make your coffee taste delicious.

How to choose the best milk frother?

  1. Cost

    How much money do you have to spend is the first thing you want to think about when buying a milk frother. Thankfully with this appliance there is a milk frother for every budget. You could even buy the hand held battery operated one while saving up for a fancier milk frother that makes a stiffer froth.

    It is important to note that if it is not a simple coffee where you add your own cream then the cost of a coffee in a coffee shop is pretty expensive with frothy milk. Making your own fancy coffee at home will save you hundreds of dollars. Buying whichever milk frother you want will pay for itself in no time.

  2. Design

    A nice neat kitchen is always important. Most of these milk frothers have modern designs with mostly shining chrome materials. The Nespresso brings a little pizazz to the table with its retro red frother. It is important to like the look of an appliance you will probably use every morning.

    These frothers are perfect to fit any type of kitchen designs. The modern designs fit really well with modern style of course. Almost all of the frothers are rather small. They are comparable to the size of a coffee can. The buttons for pushing and the mechanisms for performing the job are excellent on every single one of these milk frothers.

  3. Clean-Up

    Your options for clean-up vary. There is the frother you can put in the dishwasher. The one you have to rinse out. The hand held battery ones can just be rinsed off, and the manual frother fits perfectly in the dishwasher. Most electric ones you cannot put in the dishwasher, you will have to clean them out after every use. Remember milk can dry stiff and not clean up easy once it is dry.

    You definitely have to rinse and then wipe with a paper towel, every time with electric frothers. This is for the safety and longevity of the machine. If you do not like wiping things out and constantly cleaning then a dishwasher safe frother is for you, or the hand held battery operated frother that can just be rinsed off.

  4. Does it froth different types of milk?

    In a world of organic and many people no longer wanting just cow’s milk in the coffee, it is important to buy a milk frother that has the ability to froth your favorite milk. You may like soy, coconut, almond, hemp, or any one of the others that are made now.

    It is important to note that some brands if milks froth betters. The first milk that all these manufacturers guarantee to froth is cow’s milk. Different percent milks produce different effects. If you like a different milk other than cow’s milk, just make sure to buy a milk frother that can handle your type of milk.

  5. Temperature

    Some like it hot and some want a cool whip of froth on top their warm coffee, it is your preference of course. You want to buy a frothing machine that is going to fit your temperature needs.

    Some frothers will not get hot enough for certain people. You may have to make your own hot milk which means you can spend less on a frother, because the temperature control frothers will not get the job done for you.

  6. Froth

    A stiff froth and a thick froth with less bubbles seems to be the fan favorite. A really good stiff and creamy froth is going too made by the electric frothers.

    The next best froth will come from a steam frother on an espresso machines. The next best froth will come from the manual pumped frothers, and the battery operated frothers will make the least stiff froth. If you are super picky about a stiff froth then an electric frother is the perfect machine for you.

Final Thoughts

The best milk frother is all you need to delight your coffee and other frothed drinks.

All these appliances are exciting for making milk froth for your favorite latte, hot chocolate, and more. Remember the first job that the frother is supposed to do is froth milk, everything else is just a bonus. Your choice of a milk frother will boil down to your specific needs. The choices really depend on how much effort you want to put into milk frothing or how much effort you want the machine to put out.

Many people are pleased with all of these milk frothers and they come highly recommended. It is well worth the money to buy a frother as the price of having a nice cup of coffee with delicious froth on top goes up. However you choose, you are guaranteed that anyone of these milk frothers are one of the best milk frothers on the market.