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An excellent cup of coffee makes the morning. Having the best coffee maker makes the coffee. You can save a lot of money and have the best cup of coffee by having your own coffee maker at home. There are three excellent times when you need a delicious cup of coffee the morning, midafternoon, and after dinner.

There are several ways to make an excellent cup of coffee depending on what kind of coffee maker you buy.

Automatic Drip Coffee MakerA coffee maker basically runs hot water through coffee beans that have been grinded anywhere from a fine to a coarse grind. The coffee grinds are left behind in the coffee maker and what is left is a delicious hot dark cup of coffee you can add sugar, cream, coconut milk, agave, vanilla flavor or whatever your heart desires. You can use a coffee maker at home, in your shop or at work, or you can take your coffee maker with you when you travel so you can have your favorite cup of coffee in a hotel.

Having the best coffee maker that has all the features and conveniences for you can make or break your day. It is a good idea to buy the coffee maker you want so you can enjoy the best cup of coffee.

Types of Coffee Makers

There are a few different kinds of excellent coffee makers. Coffee making has been around for quite some time and several people have perfected the art of making coffee with different style coffee machines. French Press, Automatic Drip, K-Cup Coffee Makers, Stove Top Espresso Makers, and Coffee and Espresso Makers are the most popular coffee makers on the market. Let’s take a look at the features of some coffee makers.

French Press
French Press Coffee MakerThe French press coffee makers are a little different than plug in coffee makers. The main point of a French Press besides making a great cup of coffee is that you have to have a separate source to get your boiling hot water. You either boil water in a tea kettle or boil the water in a pan on top of the stove. There are two parts to a French Press coffee maker, the press mesh filter part and the bottom part where you place the coffee and pour the water.

You place a regular heaping spoon full of coarsely press grinded coffee beans into the bottom part of the French press, then you add water to the fill line. This is for a single French press cup of coffee. Put the press part on the very top of the bottom part but do not press down. After four to five minutes, press the top down which presses the coffee out of the water and smushes it against the bottom of the canister. What you have left is an excellent cup of coffee.

A good quality glass canister and the stainless steel mesh filter press parts are ideal for a French Press. You want the parts strong so they last you a while.

Automatic Drip

Automatic Drip Coffee MakerAutomatic drip coffee makers are the ones you are probably most familiar with. They plug into the wall and there is a paper filter or a stainless steel filter used. A medium ground coffee is grounded from fresh coffee beans. A specific amount of coffee grind is measured and then placed in the filter. Water is poured into a space in the coffee machine where the water will be heated up and transferred to a spout that will run the water though the coffee beans. The water will come out in usually a glass coffee carafe where you will have a pot full of delicious hot tasty coffee when brewing is complete.

You can then pour yourself a nice cup and add sugar, milk, or whatever lovely flavor you would like to enhance your coffee. The automatic drip coffee makers are good for just about everyone. You can purchase automatic drip that makes single cups, 2-4 cups, 6-8 cups and more. You also have a wide range of options for choosing a style.

K-Cup Type Coffee Makers

K-Cup Type Coffee MakersThe coffee maker that is all the rage these days is the K-Cup type coffee maker that requires no coffee ground measuring and has easy clean-up. This type of coffee machine has a part in the machine where you place a sealed premeasured plastic single K-Cup full of fresh coffee and then clamp down the lid. A small part puts a hole in the top of the sealed lid. You then pour water in the section of the machine that holds water.

The machine heats the water up and then passes the water though the whole into the little K-Cup with coffee. The water passes through the coffee and then exits out of the machine into your coffee cup. You then add your favorite flavors to the coffee. The Keurig type machine is good for single people or couples that just make one or two cups of coffee in the morning.

Stove Top Espresso Maker

Stove Top Espresso MakerStove Top Espresso Makers are a little like stepping back in time with making coffee, but they can also provide a simpler way to make coffee. When you buy a stove top espresso maker, you want one that is made of stainless steel. You simple unscrew the coffee maker, add the water in the bottom, put in the filter, then add the espresso coffee and screw the top back on.

You place the coffee maker on top of the burner and wait for the water to boil. There is a tube in the center of the maker where the water will crawl up and then run through the coffee. You will then pour the fresh coffee out then automatic spout into your favorite coffee mug and enjoy a delicious cup of hot coffee.

Coffee and Espresso Maker

Coffee and Espresso MakerA coffee and espresso maker allows any host to make their guests happy by being able to offer espresso or coffee. The machine simply has an espresso makers and an automatic drip coffe maker in one. The espresso part is a special non filtered section that packs finely ground coffee into a space while hot water runs through it to make an excellent small cup of espresso. This is a great machine for someone who has a lot of guests over.

Top 5 Best Coffee Makers 2017 Comparisons

1. K55 Black Keurig Coffee Maker

K55 Black Keurig Coffee Maker width=
Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

This coffee maker makes one delicious cup of coffee at a time, and offers the possibility of 4, 6, or 8ozs of coffee per cup. The coffee maker delivers the coffee into your favorite mug in less than five minutes. The machine also shuts off automatically after brewing to save electricity and the life of the machine. The machine is light and has a modern design that will fit with any kitchen. It takes up very little space in the kitchen and is a welcome addition to the other appliances you use. The quiet brewing is excellent.

Save Money

This K-Cup coffee maker makes coffee so good and simple. Right now they are packing fresh coffee into the K-Cups when they are being manufactured so you know your coffee will taste delicious. The Keurig Machine can save you money from buying coffee out on the road. The stores and restaurants charge much more then what you can make at home with this machine. You are also a guaranteed fresh cup of coffee products.


This coffee runs from 70 to 150 dollars. Once you choose all your favorite K-Cup coffee kinds and flavors. You can add high quality water, organic cream, flavors, sugar, or your favorite sweeteners. This Keurig Coffee Maker may cost a little bit more at first, but it will save you money over time.

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2. KRUPS Stainless Steel Blade Coffee Grinder

KRUPS Stainless Steel Blade Coffee Grinder width=
Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

As fresh as coffee beans from the farm, grinding fresh coffee beans first thing in the morning hails you one of the best cups of coffee you can have. KRUPS is a name of excellence for years. A trusted brand this coffee grinder has superior stainless steel blades that can grind up to 12 cups of delicious fresh coffee beans. This grinder gets your coffee ready for the first cup of the day.

Grinds More than Coffee

This KRUPS grinder not only grinds coffee, but you can also grind chia seeds, flax seeds, nuts, and herbs. This feature allows you to keep yourself in good health with excellent whole grain food. The capability of the grinder is 3 oz. in seconds. The noise factor is minimal, but there.

Modern Design an Clean -Up

The modern design and simple plug for power makes this an easy countertop appliances to mesh with the look of any kitchen. The easy clean up capabilities with a small little brush to sweep out coffee grinds and no rust stainless steel makes people happy. 

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3. Black Bunn Velocity Coffee Maker

Black Bunn Velocity Coffee Maker width=
Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

The Bunn sleek modern design Black coffee maker will brew four to ten cups in just about three minutes. It is always a concern about the proper amount of coffee extraction from the coffee grinds. With this coffee machine it has a expertly designed spray head that ensures complete coffee extraction.

Quality Materials

The glass carafe and porcelain-coated warming plate help keep the coffee hot after brew. With the coated warming plate you can actually have a second cup of coffee before having to brew another pot. The stainless steel water tank heats the water to 200 degrees for an amazing cup of coffee once the water runs through the grinds and into the coffee carafe.


Bunn has been trusted by professionals for years. If you like your hot cup of coffee from the diner, this is the machine for you. The company also gives a 3 year limited warranty on this coffee maker.

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4. Cuisinart Perfect Temperature Coffee Maker

Cuisinart Perfect Temperature Coffee Maker width=
Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Cuisinart the brand used by chefs and chef moms with taste has this beautiful looking coffee maker that brews an excellent cup of morning coffee. In either white or silver, this modern coffee maker allows for everyone to have a cup of coffee at the same time.


Better yet the 24 hour programmable feature allows you to have your coffee waiting for you when you want it. The morning hours are precious so why waste that time on putting the coffee in the filter. You can do everything the evening before and let the smart coffee maker brew your morning coffee for you.

Reusable Filter

The auto shut off feature as well help you stay focused on getting ready for your day and not worry about that empty burnt carafe when you get home, because you forgot to turn the coffee maker off. Another nice feature is the gold tone filter that lets you say goodbye to paper filters and hello to saving money.

Charcoal Water Filter

The added extra charcoal water filter system keeps your water fresh and purified for every use. When you have used the charcoal filter beyond its time just replace the filter with a new one. The quiet brew is very appealing as well.

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5. Bodum Chrome French Press

Bodum Chrome French Press width=
Our Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Bodum a well-respected name in kitchenware offers this high class 8 cup French Press. This is a coffee maker, yet people just say French Press and leave out the coffee maker part when speaking of their French Press. This French Press is a quiet and classy answer to making an excellent cup of coffee.

Easy Clean-Up

Clean up is so easy, all the parts can go in the dish washer. You just separate the carafe from the press by taking the press out of the carafe and place the parts in the dishwasher and voila you are done. Easy.

Quiet Brewing

This beautiful press makes serves 2 to 3 people. The measurement is for 4 oz. cups of coffee. You put one tablespoon of fresh press ground coffee beans and then pour boiling water from a tea kettle or water boiled on the stove. The coffee will brew or steep for 4 minutes and then you push the mesh filter down to the bottom of the canister and voila, you have a great cup of coffee with very little noise.

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Your Best Coffee Maker for 2017

Do you have more than one coffee drinker in your house? Do you like strong coffee? How easy do you want to make brewing a cup of coffee? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself when buying the best coffee maker for you in 2017. All of these choices are excellent.

No matter which coffee maker you buy, you want to buy the KRUPS coffee bean grinder. You cannot get fresher coffee than when it is freshly ground. Your major decisions will be do you want to do a little extra cleaning with the French Press, or do you want to keep brewing and clean the simplest with the Keurig. You can buy a milk frother which helps you save some more extra time to create creamy foam for delicious cappuccio and late.

If you need to make many cups of coffee at one time the major decision will be between the Bunn and the Cuisinart, both excellent coffee makers, but does the Cuisinart more homey yet modern style blend the best with your kitchen décor. You cannot go wrong with any of these coffee makers. It comes down to the little details for you to be able to get the best coffee maker for your delicious morning cup.

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